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Below are some Tech Tidbits from our nets that you may find interesting.
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LOOK! New Feature! Publications

Raspberry Pi Boot Fix - This utility will replace the old boot files in the hamvoip image that are not compatable with the newst Raspberry Pi Boards.

sBitx HF SDR Transceiver (RasPi)

RasPi Ham Radio Projects 2022

A Tiny Python Panadapter (Using RasPi or BeagleBone)

Amateur Radio Logging Programs

ASL on VM running Linux

Allstar Node on Virtual Server

CrowPi-L Real Raspberry Pi Laptop

Digital Modes Comparison for Ham Radio

Work From Home

Linux For Beginners

DroneBot Workshop

What is Artificial Intelligence?

The Maker Movement

iFixit (Repair Guides for Everything)

QsoNet: Virtual Ionosphere for Amateur Radio

Electronics Right to Repair

Over the Horizon Radar

Morse Code Ninja

Raspberry Pi Foundation

The M17 Project

Software for Amateur Radio

Automotive Technology Innovations

Cybersecutiry 101

100+ Things to do in Ham Radio

A General Description of Each HF Ham Band

Amateur Radio Technology Portal



USB Microphone Reviews for 2021

Introducing EchoLink

Emergency and Portable Power (Five Links) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

KY6G (Grant) Ultra-Lite Portable Shorty 20

The Future of Human Spaceflight

11 Innovations Shaping the Future of Spaceflight

NanoVNA (Vector Network Analyzer)

Windows 11 (Compatibility & Testing Previews)

How to use Windows 10

Amateur Radio Guide to DMR

DMR - Beginners Quick Guide

DMR 101 - Tutorial

New Hams Info

3D Printing (Thingiverse)

3D Printing Technologies

Tech Accessibility

All things hamvoip

ORDER a Rock Pi X (x86) SBC (Best Prices! + Case and accessories)

Single Board Computers (SBC)

Raspberry Pi Alternatives

Installing desktop environment(s) on hamvoip image running AllStar

Home Automation: Smart Home Technology

Blockchain Explained

Self-Driving Cars

Code Jumper

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