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06/28 Mike (N6RDF) All Things Raspberry Pi
06/21 Mike (N6RDF) Linux for Everyone
06/14 Mike (N6RDF) Solar power, Batteries, Chargers, and Battery Life/Maintenace/Disposal
06/07 Scott (N4UPC) Firewalls, Routers, Switches and Wi-Fi
05/31 Mike (N6RDF) All Things Raspberry Pi
05/24Scott (N4UPC) Linux for Everyone
05/17 Grant (KY6G) All Things HF
05/10 Mike (N6RDF) Work From Home (Remote Employment)
05/03 Chris (VE3RWJ)
Mike (KL7FR)
Open Tech Night
04/26 Mike (N6RDF) All Things Raspberry Pi
04/19 Scott (N4UPC) Linux for Beginners
04/12 Mike (N6RDF) Software Defined Radio (SDR)
Larry (WB8LBZ)
04/05 Mike (KL7FR) Open Tech Night
03/29 Mike (N6RDF) All Things Raspberry Pi
03/22 Scott (N4UPC) AllStar: How to use it for networking and as a repeater controller
Adrian (VE7NZ)
03/15 Scott (N4UPC) All Things Linux
03/08 Scott (N4UPC) AI & Machine Learning
03/01 Scott (N4UPC)
Mike (N6RDF)
Open Tech/New Hams
02/22 Scott (N4UPC) All Things Raspberry Pi
02/15 Mike (N6RDF) Linux for Beginners
02/08 Grant (KY6G) HF Radios & Antennas
02/01 Mike (N6RDF) Open Tech Night
01/25 Scott (N4UPC) All Things Raspberry Pi
01/18 Chris (VE3RWJ) All Things Tech
01/04 Darryll (VO1UKZ) Right to Repair
12/28 Mike (N6RDF) All Things Raspberry Pi
12/21 Chris (WS5B) What do you want for a High-Tech Christmas?
12/14 Grant (KY6G) Over the Horizon Radar
12/07 Chris (VE3RWJ) Morse Code Ninja with Kurt (AD0WE)
11/30 Mike (N6RDF) All Things Raspberry Pi
11/23 Scott (N4UPC) Interview with M17 Dev Team
11/16 Mike (N6RDF) Software for Amateur Radio
11/09 Grant (KY6G) Innovative Automotive Technologies
11/02 Scott (N4UPC) Internet Security & Privacy
10/26 Mike (N6RDF) All Things Linux
10/19 Grant (KY6G) All Things HF
10/12 Chirs (WS5B) Ham Radio Tech: Past, Present, and Future
10/05 Darryll (VO1UKZ) StarLink!
9/28 Chris (VE3RWJ) Improving Your Amateur Radio Audio
Audio Engineer, Patrick (KE4DYI)
9/21 Scott (N4UPC) Echolink developer Jonathon(K1RFD)
Interview and Q&A
9/14 Mike (N6RDF)
Scott (N4UPC)
All Things Raspberry Pi
9/07 Chris (W7CHP) Emergency and Portable Power
8/31 Grant (KY6G) All Things Antennas
8/24 Roy (KI7PKL) The Current & Future of Space Flight
8/17 Darryll (VO1UKZ) Windows 11 & Microsoft Operating Systems
8/10 Mark (VE3JMR) DMR & Digital Radio with Shane -M0VUB
8/03 Mike (N6RDF) Open Tech Night - NEW HAMS Questions
7/27 Mark (VE3JMR) Open Tech Night
7/20 Mike (N6RDF) All Things Raspberry Pi
7/13 Chris (WS5B) 3D Printing Technologies
7/06 Chris (VE3RWJ) Tech Accessibility
6/29 Scott (N4UPC) Open Tech Night

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